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We are seeking a Unity developer who is passionate about launching and operating scalable development and operations environments. Are you a skilled developer with a keen sense for game development, or a versatile SysAdmin with a passion for coding, scripting, streamlined deployment and network operations? At Tolstenko, you’ll be responsible helping to deliver mobile and online game products in one of the highest-scaled Unity development and production environments.  You’ll administer a range of systems, create automation systems, coordinate with QA, and debug build & deployment issues, and work with game system developers to ensure that changes are easily deployable and scalable. As a Dev Ops you’ll play an integral role in maintaining the availability, security, and efficiency of our Cloud Services.  You’ll also work closely with development teams to influence and support the implementation and expansion of our growing virtual server and infrastructure environments.

This position is located in Teresina, PI – Brazil.


  • Proficient with Windows, Linux and OSX system administration, including storage, networks, and software;
  • Experience with SCM platforms such as Git or equivalent.
  • Experience with reasonably complex projects built in Unity.
  • Object-oriented programming experience in C#.


  • Write scripts to reflect the game design documents;
  • Work as a member of the DevOps team: solve problems and propose solutions to streamline all of our development and operational processes, with a focus on build/deployment.
  • Act as liaison with software & infrastructure partners including Unity, Apple, Google (Android), Amazon (EC2) and Facebook; manage code-signing and relevant dashboards; track relevant product roadmaps, identify expected breaking changes, and qualify SDK updates;
  • Manage entire build and deployment process to test, staging and production environments;
  • Write scripts to automate build, deployment and integration with QA automation and validation;
  • Resolve complex merge problems;
  • Create tools to simplify & automate deployment, content creation pipelines;
  • Provision computing resources on EC2 and help with internal IT issues within the development team.

Other Amazing Skills You Should Bring:

  • Passionate and self-motivated;
  • Very strong written and verbal skills;
  • Familiarity with Agile Development;
  • Desire to not only maintain but improve existing systems;
  • Strong focus on efficiency, simplicity and maintainability;
  • Excellent troubleshooting, diagnostic, and problem solving skills;
  • Aptitude for software development, with solid software engineering fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, source code control, etc.);
  • Experience with Unity Plugin creation for iOS and Android (integrating C# to objc, swift and java);
  • Familiarity writing scripts (Python, Perl, Bash);
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, Microsoft IIS, Apache, etc);
  • Basic knowledge of SQL, NoSQL and database design;
  • Working knowledge of fundamental Internet protocols and MMOG development;
  • Experience with automation tools and complex 3D pipelines, especially in Unity.

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